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The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) investigates consumer complaints about recreational boats and related equipment. Review safety tips, news, recalls, defects, and laws and regulations dealing with:

  • recreational boats (including personal watercraft)

  • boat manufacturer installed equipment

  • boating safety issues

Current Alerts - Important advisories issued by the U.S. Coast Guard to all boaters or anyone on or near the water. These include new laws, rules, restrictions, health-related or equipment warnings, and other information that could seriously affect you or have an impact on your boating experience.

Boating Safety Circulars - Useful information on many recreational boat and equipment concerns

Recalls Database - Retrieve information on recalls of recreational boats and associated equipment that experienced a safety related defect or did not comply with federal safety standards

Manufacturers Identification Code (MIC) Database - Information on all recreational boat manufacturers and importers in the U.S. and Canada

Privacy and Security Notice. This site is provided as a resource for federal recalls. Please direct questions about specific recalls to the appropriate agencies listed above. Contact.